Why I started Dolly Rocket ?

If like me you believe that colour makes you feel happy, fashion should be inclusive and we should all be working towards sustainability, then you're going to love Dolly Rocket. My dream is to provide a colourful and bold world for people to express their confidence and joy through clothes that fit and accessories that excite. Every piece is designed and made in the UK and I am working to make Dolly Rocket as sustainable as possible. All fabrics are sourced with this in mind using either sustainable fibres, recycled fibres, deadstock fabrics or recycled fabrics. 

My Story

I started dreaming about Dolly Rocket over 13 years ago when, as a size 16 colour obsessed 15-year old, I was already frustrated that the shops I wanted to shop in didn't make my size. So I started to learn how I could make clothes I actually wanted to wear. This led to me studying Fashion Design in London, where I produced the only size-inclusive collection on my course. After graduating I worked as a designer for Marina Rinaldi, the leader of high end plus size, and ASOS where I was part of the ASOS Curve design team. Over the last 3 years, alongside designing, I have been creating colourful content for my Instagram @sarabrowndesign as a way to bring joy to people's feeds and to give them the confidence to add more colour into their own lives. 
All of this has led to the creation of Dolly Rocket. The years of working in the industry made it clear to me that size-inclusive, sustainable options that are bold and fun are almost impossible to find. So here we are today - I'm fixing that!